A Day in the Studio, a one day program for quilting enthusiasts

Quiltmakers often spend long hours in the studio, alone. Their friends and family may not be quilt makers themselves, so certain questions are never answered, such as:

Are my quilts “good”? Do they qualify as art? What are their strong and weak points? Was my use of color effective? How could I have made them even better? What techniques should I employ to push my quilt making to the next level? Am I using the right tools? Can I paint on my quilts? Do I have to stitch by hand? Do I have to use a machine? What if I hate the quilting? What if I hate piecing? What if I hate (fill in the blank).

I created A Day in the Studio to help quilters find answers to those questions and move on to the next level. I ask them to bring their sewing machines and a sampling of their work -- whether it be baby blankets, bed quilts, art quilts, wearable art or liturgical vestments (which was the case with one of my students), so we can take a look and discuss them, in the safety of the studio.

When I say safety, I mean safety. There are no quilt police in my studio. In fact, I am a classic renegade stitcher, so you will get no attitude from me. This is a nurturing, fertile environment where a sewing enthusiast can grow. I answer questions, explain techniques and set you on a new path, if you want one. I have taught many quilters how to quit using patterns and start designing their own quilts.

A Day in the Studio lasts about nine hours, including a one hour break for lunch, where we can amble over to my favorite restaurant, Crave, for some excellent and reasonably priced repast. Cost for the day, not including lunch, is $225 per person, with a three student maximum. 

Please phone me at 330-472-0161 if you would like to schedule a session. My studio is located on the third floor of Summit Artspace, 146 E. Market Street, Akron, which is the building directly east of the Akron Art Museum. Please be sure to call my cell, the number above, when you arrive at the building so I can meet you at the door.